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Version: 6.4



To use the ElastiFlow Unified Collectors it is necessary to accept the terms of the License Agreement. By running this software, you and/or the organization using the software agree and are bound to the terms of an ElastiFlow Inc. End-User License Agreement (EULA). For the Community (no license key), Basic and Trial tiers, the applicable license is the ElastiFlow Community EULA, which may be found at: For Standard and Premium Commercial tiers the applicable license is the ElastiFlow Standard EULA, or other terms agreed in writing with ElastiFlow Inc. The ElastiFlow Standard EULA may be found at:

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License keys are generated per account. This field must contain the Account ID for the License Key specified in EF_FLOW_LICENSE_KEY or EF_SNMP_LICENSE_KEY, depending upon which collector you are using.