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Version: 6.4

Netflow/IPFIX/sFlow (UDP)

The ElastiFlow Unified Flow Collector receives network flow records over UDP. This setting specifies the IP address of the interface on which the collector will listen.


  • Valid Values
    • or any valid IP address to which the UDP socket can be bound.
  • Default
    • (listen on all interfaces)


The UDP port(s) on which the collector will create a socket to receive incoming packets. Multiple ports may be specified, separated by a comma. For example 2055,6343,4739

  • Valid Values
    • Any valid port number. Common values include:
      • 2055: the standard port for Netflow
      • 4739: the standard port for IPFIX
      • 6343: the standard port for sFlow
      • 9995-9998: commonly use port numbers
  • Default
    • 9995


The size, in bytes, of the UDP receive buffer that the UDP server will request be created by the operating system kernel when the socket is created. If this value exceeds the maximum allowed buffer size (net.core.rmem_max on Linux), the maximum allowed size is used.

  • Default
    • 33554432


Received UDP PDUs are queued prior to being processed by an available decoder. This value specifies the size of the queue as a quantity of PDUs.

  • Default