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License keys are generated per account. This field must contain the Account ID for the Licence Key specified in EF_FLOW_LICENSE_KEY.


This field contains the License Key issued for this instance of the Unified Flow Collector. EF_FLOW_ACCOUNT_ID must also contain the Account ID to which this key belongs.


The ElastiFlow™ Unified Flow Collector is licensed by units of 4000 flow/sec. By default the number of units will be set based on the provided license key. However the number of units to be used by an instance can be configured manually. This is usually done when it is desired to use multiple instances of the collector. For example, a subscription for 8 licensed units can be split into 2 instances, of 4 units each, by setting EF_FLOW_LICENSED_UNITS: 4 for each instance. If set to a value greater than allowed by the license key, the instances will be started with the number of units from the license key.

The default values of EF_FLOW_SERVER_UDP_PACKET_STREAM_MAX_SIZE and EF_FLOW_RECORD_STREAM_MAX_SIZE are based on the number of licensed units. However, these settings may also be set manually to override the defaults as needed for a given environment.

The default value of 1 is the number of units allowed under the community and basic subscription tiers. See for more details about subscription options.

  • Default
    • 1