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Sampling Rates

Sample Rate#

Devices may sample packets to reduce the overall volume of traffic metered for flow accounting.


The collector must adjust the calculation of bytes and packets based on the sampling rate used. Usually devices will inform the collector of the sampling rate either within the flow record itself, or as option data sent periodically by the device. This setting specifies the size of the cache to be used to hold sample rate information learned from option data.

  • Default
    • 32768


In some cases a device may not transmit information about the sampling rate for which it is configured. In this case it is possible to statically define the sampling rate in file provided to the collector. This setting is used to enable that feature.

  • Valid Values
    • true, false
  • Default
    • false


If static sample rates are configured for devices in a file, this setting specifies the path from where that file can be loaded.


If the value of the path begins with a / this path will be interpreted as an absolute file system path. Otherwise it will be interpreted as relative to the value of EF_FLOW_DECODER_SETTINGS_PATH.

An example of the format of this file is:

'': 1024
'': 512
  • Default
    • settings/sample_rate.yml