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Junos OS (sFlow)

Configuring sFlow on Juniper Switches#

Juniper's EX and QFX Series switches support sFlow for both network flows (flow samples) and telemetry (counter samples).

sflow {
polling-interval 30;
sample-rate ingress 1024;
collector {
udp-port 6343;
interfaces ge-0/0/0.0;
interfaces ge-0/0/1.0;
interfaces ge-0/0/2.0;
interfaces ge-0/0/3.0;
interfaces ge-0/0/4.0;
interfaces ge-0/0/5.0;
interfaces ge-0/0/6.0;
interfaces ge-0/0/7.0;
interfaces ge-0/1/1.0;

sFlow is a sampling–based network monitoring technology for switched or routed networks. It may also be used to stream host telemetry such as CPU, memory or storage metrics. sFlow technology samples network packets and sends records to the ElastiFlow Unified Flow Collector.