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Version: 6.4

Downloading Definitions

The ElastiFlow Unified SNMP Collector packages include the ElastiFlow-maintained SNMP definitions that were current at the time of each release. The latest definitions can be downloaded from the elastiflow/snmp repository on GitHub.


Always read the release notes prior to using any SNMP definitions to ensure that they will work with the version of the collector that you are using.

Default Location

The default location where the collector will look for the SNMP definitions is /etc/elastiflow/snmp. The contents of the GitHub repository can be placed directly in this directory placed and will function with all default collector settings.

Keeping Up to Date with git

Since the SNMP definitions are made available in a GitHub repository, git can be used to simplify deployment and updates. Run the following commands to deploy the definitions using git:

cd /etc/elastiflow
git clone

To update the definitions to the latest in the main branch simply run the following:

cd /etc/elastiflow
git pull