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Version: 7.0

ElastiFlow NetIntel Documentation

ElastiFlow NetIntel Introduction

NetIntel is a service providing Network Intelliogence from a globally distributed network of sensors. Stay informed about bad actors, threat scores, MITRE ATT&CK information and threat history. NetIntel aslo provide valuable information about public IP addresses like app/service names and cloud information.

To get started, visit the ElastiFlow NetIntel and type in any public IP address you want more information about. You can see all threat information we are currently tracking on our threat globe. When you scroll down, you can see the most common types of threats and most common countries from which attacks were launched.

On the IP details page you can see any information we have collected about this IP address. In the main panel we show any attributes we have found about this IP address, including app/service names, and cloud provider details (ASN, Geo location and TOR activity coming soon).